An AMSOIL EABP-110C on a 2012 Honda CR-V


Pump system advantages:

1.  Easy Bypass filter installation on

     any engine with a drain plug.

2.  Engine oil filtration can continue

     after the vehicle is turned off.

3.  Non-pressurized operation.

4.  Loop oil circulation is

     independent of the engine's

     integrated oil system.

5.  Easy oil drains... flick the switch!

Optional:  Engine-off Filtration... polish your motor oil before and after engine shutdown.

(in development, available now!)  

The MG204 is a great choice for more difficult Bypass Filter installations.  It allows connection to an oil supply without tapping into an often difficult-to-access pressurized oil port.

Typical oil supply for an AMSOIL Bypass Oil Filter System is an existing oil port or by using a brass "T" to add the oil supply line at an engine's oil pressure sensor mount location.


Use of a brass "T" is often impossible.

Introducing: The Pump!.

In Stock!

Engine wear alone can be roughly calculated

at 1 to 2 cents per mile, or more. ($.01 to .02+)

Why By-pass Filtration?

1 quart to 4 quart


You have a choice.

Dirty Oil & frequent oil changes resulting in marginal, time-consuming engine "care"


Analytically Clean Oil, extended oil change intervals, and the best engine protection available.

Preventative Maintenance

Roll on and on !

AMSOIL Warranty

You can be confident that using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants or practicing extended

drain intervals does not void

your new vehicle or equipment

manufacturer’s warranty.

In addition, all AMSOIL lubricants and filters

are covered by the AMSOIL Limited Warranty.

This statement is from the AMSOIL Website.

If someone tells you otherwise...



Protect your investment

Vehicle Customization

It just gets better...


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Engine manufacturers love to put tiny oil

filters on their shiny new cars. 

They have no vested interest in an engine's longevity... other than to see it to the end of

the warranty period.  An AMSOIL Bypass Oil

Filter System can be considered 10x to 20x

better than any stock oil filter found

on any new vehicle.

It's your choice.


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Temporary working pump system on our 2012 CR-V


Pump availability date:

In Stock



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