The engine-off filtration concept begins

with a hollowed oil drain plug. 

Engine oil drawn from the sump is

ultimately returned to the top end through

a special brass fitting attached

to the oil fill cap.

(not shown)

A very long note about oil changes...

The above design can make an oil change very easy... and represents a simplified method for tapping into the oil supply for a bypass/pump install.  There are many parts to a bypass filter/pump install and the pics above shows a simple method to access the oil for the system. 

If you can install the system... your oil drain interval on a non-turbo vehiclecan surpass 20- 40- even 60000 miles,

based on an occasional comprehensive oil analysis. 

Most AMSOIL users opt for once-a-year oil changes... and never tap the full potential of the AMSOIL Bypass Oil Filter.

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