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At the heart of the "engine-off filtration" concept is a carefully

selected pump: designed to take the heat of hot engine oil and provide a service life estimated at over 10,000 hours.  It can be set to kick on when the engine is warm and kick off when the engine cools down... hence, it continues to filter your engine oil for up to an hour or more after shut-down.  Only clean, pristine oil is available the next time the engine is started... as opposed to oil that

is continually being loaded up with wear-causing particles.


At a pump rate of 1/2 quart per minute:  30 quarts of oil will pass through the 2 μ filter media in one hour.

Keep in mind;  the filter media is rated at 2 microns "absolute".

It will trap particles smaller than 2 μ and is considered an

effective soot-removing device in diesel applications.


The engine-off filtration concept begins

with a hollowed oil drain plug. 

Engine oil drawn from the sump is

ultimately returned to the top end through

a special brass fitting attached

to the oil fill cap.

(not shown)

A very long note about oil changes...

The above design can make an oil change very easy... and represents a simplified method for tapping into the oil supply for a bypass/pump install.  There are many parts to a bypass filter/pump install and the pics above shows a simple method to access the oil for the system. 

If you can install the system... your oil drain interval on a non-turbo vehicle can surpass 20- 40- even 60000 miles,

and confirmed safe with an occasional oil sample and oil analysis. 

Most AMSOIL users opt for once-a-year oil changes... and never tap the full potential of the AMSOIL Bypass Oil Filter.

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